Petek Plastik is dominated by a human and preserveable understanding of nature at the core of our production philosophy first. Our company, which operates in production activity with the instinct of this institution, aims to leave a livable world to future generations within the framework of minimum resource consumption and maximum efficiency understanding.

Our company, which plans the production process with the awareness that protecting nature will begin with protecting people, makes a positive effort at the point of hygiene. For this reason, we strive to provide hygiene to everyone reached by our packaging, especially our most valuable value added value employees. For this purpose, we see the process from raw material supply to production, storage and from there to the delivery process of products as a hygiene chain. We take measures to ensure that this chain does not break and aim to provide a hygiene experience at every point where we come into contact with people.

We manage our design and production process with a "customer-specific" understanding of the added value that packaging adds to the product and brand. Therefore, instead of offering standard products for each product and market, we adopt the packaging design and production strategy specific to the product and the expectation of the market structure.

Combining the technology with our traditional values, our production approach is to keep our production area up to date. For this reason, we fully meet our customer expectations by adapting our production line and automation system to the latest technology. For this reason, we produce with the German brand Bekum, Demag, ASB and Italian Techne machines, which are among the world's leading brands in plastic technology. In addition, in order to offer the highest efficiency to our customers, we have invested "coex" and "pet machines", which are limited in our country for our production area. Among the primary choices of the agricultural pharmaceutical industry, especially since oxygen permeability is at its lowest level is "Coex", which corresponds to the high quality standard in the plastic inflating industry. Coex, consisting of three layers, extends the shelf life of the product while ensuring healthy protection of the liquid thanks to the polyamide in its bottom layer. Today, we continue to use "coex" bottles from 50 cc to 30 lt in our Petek Plastik facilities with the latest technological production area.

As Petek Plastik, speed, innovation and on-site solution are the basis of our production philosophy. For this reason, we use our own plastic injection facility to supply the lids of the packaging we produce in a faster way and continue to have the advantage of the solution on site.

With its 240 employees and over 30 machine lines, our business continues to operate as a pioneer of hygienic and qualified packaging production.



ConfigurationPetek Plastik with nearly 250 employees, closely 40 machinery and plastic technology has reached the peak in the world and it continues its production rapidely in a hygienic environment with Bekum, Demag, ASB and Techne machines.
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