As Petek Plastik, acting with the awareness of social responsibility and ethical rules in all our activities is part of our core values and principles, with the goal of protecting, strengthening and improving working conditions of our employees we ensure the joint participation of the employee and management, and we regard these basic principles as one of the unchanging elements of management.

In this context, we ensure that all our suppliers and/or stakeholders who make up Petek Plastik manage their economic, social and environmental impacts in a sense of responsibility and prioritize developing society.Taking into account what is best for society and the environment we determine our understanding of social responsibility and our priorities in this regard.

Prepared and implemented in the framework of Social Responsibility Principles the Personnel Manual (PEK) we have prepared and applied for the Code of Ethics and our defined principles of work,  is guiding our behavior in the business world.

Basic Principles of Social Responsibility

We do not employ child labor forces within the company.

We do not force or use force to employ our employees. We give our employees the right to terminate their employment contracts within an appropriate time frame.

We provide a safe and healthy working environment. We are taking all necessary steps to prevent either occupational injury or illness, which can be associated with potential health and safety events incidents during their work.

With a great sense of responsibility we manage the environmental impacts that may arise from all kinds of activities.

For recruitment in our company we do not discriminate and accept discrimination  for reasons such as race, color, gender, political thoughts, faith, religion, sect, age, physical disability, social class, national-regional or social origin, family responsibility, marital status and similar reasons.

We ensure equal opportunities among our employees.

We do not tolerate any violation of immunity through threats, insults, exploitation, emotional and sexual harassment, including verbal or physical contact.

We care about our employees and treat them respectfully. We do not allow rude and inhuman embehaving/treatment, including physical castigations.

We are against all forms of bribery and corruption, and we strictly do not accept the taking or giving of bribes in order to comply with the relevant laws and principles.

We regulate wages, messages, working hours, annual leave and social rights as prescribes by law, and after six consecutive working days of the week we give least one day off.

To develop approaches for ensuring that all  our business partners, especially our suppliers, act in accordance in the field of social responsibility within the standards of Petek Plastik’s Code of Ethics and Working  Principles, we pay attention to implementation and sustainability.