For us as Petek Plastik, the master-apprentice relationship lying in the genetics of the Turkish business structure, which combines with professional life touching human’s life is seen as a plus to life.


We are aware that one of the most important motivational tools that ensure business success are happy employees. That's why  as Petek Plastic we value  human resources  and employees. It sees its employees as valuable for the business structure and develops behavior with the principle of a long-term working partnership focused on win-to-win.


Among our primary goals are our employees experience and quality in both their work and social lives. For this reason, we see employee satisfaction and mutual connection as a mission. In order for each department to follow the developments in its own business area, to accurately identify the location and position of our business within the global economy, and to walk together our future goals, we're not compromising on the continuing education policy.

We identify all expectations of our staff with our regular researches and we immediately plan our business processes as part of expectations.


Our company, which develops behavior with the awareness that employee motivation will be reflected in the success of the business, adopts the indispensable rules for the rise of the job satisfaction of our staff and the timely realization of career goals.


Our business, which adopts a fast reflex principle, has a brand culture that supports success and creativity. Therefore, we see all the business ideas of our employees as an opportunity and make every effort to increase the motivation of our staff. We, as a business pursue creative ideas and care about the ideas of every unit of our department.


The success of our employee, which encourages our staff to move to the next success door by strengthening its position, is a source of pride for our corporation. In all of our business processes, we follow a transparent career policy so that our employees, who have a long-term desire for work, do not experience future uncertainty.