The precautions we have taken as PETEK PLASTİK;

Public use areas (offices, dining hall, relaxation area, dressing room, WC and sinks) are disinfected daily.

Personnel services are disinfected daily.

Hand sanitizer is provided to each of our working units.

The hygiene rules that are applied routinely in the cafeteria are provided in packaging the bread as extra. The forks, knives, spoons are removed from common use and are given to our employees by kitchen staff. PCV/Cardboard cups are used instead of glass cups during tea services at meal times.


For tea service in the production rest room, the use of cardboard cups has started instead of glass cups.

Local and foreign drivers who move from outside the company to the warehouse unit are measured with laser thermometers at the security point, gloves and masks are provided if necessary, although disinfecting process is carried out. Drivers with a fever of 38 degrees or above or showing other symptoms are not allowed to enter the company. 

The informational image of "14 Rules Against Corona Virus" published by the Ministry of Health was hung in areas where it can be seen by the employees (dressing room, sinks, OHS board, resting area).


Domestic and international travel of our employees has been stopped.

The temperature of our employees will be measured before getting on the shuttle services. Employees with 38 degrees and above will also be prevented from getting on the shuttle service and their names will be recorded. The names of these persons will be delivered to Human Resources by service drivers.

The temperature of the employees is also measured in company entries or in cases where necessary during the working period. Employees with fevers of 38 degrees or more or employees who also show symptoms of the disease are directed to the health care institutions.

Information leaflet and hand sanitizer are provided in the secretarial unit.


An emergency backup was established within the company by establishing the "Personnel Buddy System".


The fingerprint reading section of the Personnel Attendance Control Systems device is cancelled and only face reading for entry and exits are performed.


Our employees have received training in hygiene and corona virus prevention by our company doctor.

A new staff member is added to the Security (Advisory) and a staff member to the Secretariat for the day shift in order to tightly control the entrances of shipping companies, cargos and guests.

The second personnel reinforced to the Security (Advisory) unit will check the movements of transport companies’ drivers within the company during the day and perform their duties in accordance with the directions of the main security personnel.

The secretary main staff will certainly never leave the post. The second personnel who have been reinforced will perform their duties in accordance with the directives.


People from cargo companies are prohibited from going upstairs in the administrative building.


The guests who come to our company will be asked by Security whether they have an appointment. In both cases, information will be given to the guests who wants to visit. If the guests have arrived without an appointment, the guest’s entry will be rejected in accordance with the guidance of the relevant employee or will be directed to the Secretariat for a meeting. Accepting or rejecting guests who have arrived without an appointment is at the initiative of the employee they have come to visit to.

For accepted guests, the social distance (at least 1.5m range) will be taken into account in the Secretariat. Guests with a fever of 38 degrees or above and who have symptoms of the disease will not be accepted.


The sanitation procedures of the accepted guests, the supply of masks and gloves will be made by the Secretariat unit where necessary.


Interviews will be held again in each employee's own office taking into account the social distance (at least 1.5m range).


The temperature of the accepted guests will be measured at the entrance of the company.


Shipping company drivers will use WC located in the security unit. Entrances to the warehouse and the mess hall are strictly prohibited. They will eat their lunches in the container reserved for them outdoors.


By providing single-use prayer rugs to our mosques, we have limited the number of people who pray at the same time to a maximum of 3 people.


In order to reduce contact within personnel services, the number of services will be increased in accordance with the circular.


In accordance with the work schedule program, white collar staff working in offices will come alternately. In this process, white collar staff who need to come continuously due to the intensity of the work program will continue to work. Each department has done a flexible work program within itself. Our goal is to minimize as much contact as possible.


Working alternately the white-collar personnel will have common space and Micro connection so that they can work remotely. These personnel will continue their normal working behaviors as if they were working in the same company by making a quick turn to telephones, teleconferences and e-mails during their time working remotely, and will be available at any time.


In cases deemed very urgent and necessary, all personnel will be prepared to being call back for overtimes.


A maximum of 3 people will come side by side in offices and in closed areas such as the Quality Control Laboratory, preserving the social distance.


Locker rooms are closed for operators working shifts and blue-collar workers during the day shift. All employees are given spare work clothes. Employees will go home in their own work clothes and wash their work clothes or hang them on the balcony for ventilation without touching anywhere. They will come in a spare workwear the next day.


Staff entrances will be made from the usual place, but exits will be made from the back.


A maximum of 5 people will enter the rest room at the same time with social distance protection and tea will be brewed every hour.


Occupation Health Safety Specialist will continue to work part-time and continue their Occupation Health Safety activities without interruption.


Services will continue in normal order.

The use of masks in all areas within the company has become mandatory. Guests who come are also obliged to wear masks.


Personal distances are constantly controlled in 3 steps.


All personnel whose birth date is after January 1, 2000 were allowed in accordance with the final circular not to come to work.


Recycling bins for medical waste (masks and medical gloves used by staff) are positioned at different points in accordance with the last waste circular. Announcements for awareness were hung on all boards, e-mails and messages were sent from digital media.


The instructions were prepared to define the actions that must be followed by the drivers of the transportation companies who enters in our company. Each driver signs at the entrance of the company.


  • The direction of the pandemic in Turkey, the rules/regulations, circulars, etc. implemented and updated by the Turkish State, all kinds of action will be closely monitored on a daily basis and the above-taken actions will be updated.